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Norsk CV



1971 - 1973 Student of artist Synnøve Aurdal Oslo

1973 - 1974 Kunstgewerbeschule Basel – Switzerland, Malklasse, Franz Fedier  

1974 - 1980, National Art Academy of Oslo, painting, Ludvik Eikaas, Knut Rose

1985-1986 National Art Academy of Oslo, graphics, Arne Malmedal,
               Guttorm Guttomsgård

1991 - 1995 University of Oslo cand.philol, Arthistory,  Surrealism

Solo exhibitions and projects:

2014 Galleri Lista Fyr, A moss dress and anti-war drawings.  

2014 Gallery S Östersund, Sweden Painting embroidery,

2013 Gallery Smalgangen, Åsgårdstrand.Dear Edvard  Painting, Art book, installation

2013 Bølgen Culture, Larvik Art Association From childrendress to mummies.

2009 Gallery Smalgangen Åsgårdstrand Happy mummies Drawing, Installation

2009 Risør Art Association, Risør installation and painting

2008 Lørenskog Art Association, Lørenskog installation and painting

2007 Sandefjord Sandefjord Kunstforening installation and painting

2006 Gallery Boa Oslo. Inner space - outer protection

2006 Hå gamle prestegård, Jæren. Inner space - outer protection

2005 Trondheim Art Association. Installation, painting and graphics

2004 Lillesand Art Association. Installation and painting

2004 Vestfold Art center Tønsberg 11 dresses

2004 Gallery Gohli Tønsberg Painting

2002 Tin Art Association Rjukan

2002 Borre and Horten Art Association

2002 Gallery S Östersund, Sweden

2001 Lysekil Konsthall Bohuslän, Sweden

2000 Gallery Ask Åsgårdstrand Invisible - not dead

1999 Munch's studio Åsgårdstrand Grief Processes

1999 Vestfold Art Center Haugar Tønsberg

1997 Gallery Ask Åsgårdstrand

1995 Gallery Bogenloftet, Stokke

1989 Kunstnerforbundet Oslo

1985 Gallery Vikerødegården, Furnes Hamar

1984 Sandefjord Art Association,

1984 Ibsenhuset Art Association, Skien

1982 Vestfold Art Center Larvik

1977 Gallery UKS Oslo



**Diary of Peru, Art Book, text and images, Galleberg publishing

* Gallery Ask, Åsgårdstrand - August 2015 - Solo exhibition

* Myths and Legends, painting, drawing and installation, Haugar County Art Museum 2016 - 2017, curator Tone Nyaas Lyngstad

Group exhibitions, projects, festivals:

2014 12 th. Artfestival Monastir

2014 Latest screaming, Åsgårdstrand gallery, Åsgårdstrand

2014 Gallery Smalgangen, Åsgårdstrand

2013 Kin Biennale, 4th Kjerringøy

2013 Haugar County Art Museum,Tønsberg Munch by others

2012 Norwegian Drawing Biennial, Drawing Art center Oslo

2011 Gallery Galleberg Tønsberg Life and death plus everything else

2011 Tjøme Art Association

2010 Haugar County Art Museum Tønsberg Border District

2010 Ulefos Art Association. Time Sling

2010 Tønsberg Art Association Astrid Mørland with 27 students

2010 Stenersen Art Museum, Oslo. Good night then you! Surrealism in Norwegian art 1930-2010

2009 Autumn Exhibition Gallery Åsgårdstrand

2008 Akershus Art Center 9 rooms

2008 Kongsberg Art Association November Exhibit

2007 Gallery Ask Åsgårdstrand Mould

2003 Østlands Exhibition II Young Silence and Trauma

2002 Tinn Art Association Rjukan

2002 Larvik Art Association, Painters in Vestfold

2002 Spring Exhibition Tegnerforbundet Drawing Art center, Oslo

2002 Jølstra Art Museum Eikaas Students

2001 Vestfold Art Center Haugar Smuggle Goods

2000 Telemark County Gallery Notodden Travel

1998 Tjøme Art and Culture center Summer Exhibition

1993 Nesodden Art Association Group Exhibition

1992 Galleri Brandstrup Moss Group Exhibition

1991 Oslo Art Association Students of Ludvig Eikaas

1989 Vestfold Art Center Larvik

1987 Vestfold Art Center Larvik

1987 Gallery Vorstadt Basel Switzerland

1986 The White Elephant Ingierstrand Oslo Installation (with Bodil Halvarson)

1986 Kunstnerforbundet Oslo Summer Exhibition

1985 Travelling exhibition in Poland, Graphics

1985 Skien Art Association Ibsenhuset, Skien

1985 Gallery LNM Oslo

1981 Sandefjord Art Association

1980 Gallery UKS Oslo

1979 Galleri Oslo Process

1979 Gallery in Bergen

1979 Gallery UKS Oslo

1978 Gallery UKS Oslo

1977 Gallery UKS Oslo

Country or regional exhibitions:

2006 Eastern Norway exhibition

2002 Eastern Norway exhibition II

2001 Eastern Norway exhibition

1990 Autumn Country exhibition

1985 Eastern Norway exhibition

1983 Eastern Norway exhibition

1980 Eastern Norway exhibition


Public works:

2003 Røråstoppen School Re municipality